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Ficha técnica de una asignatura en una titulación

14244 German Textual Analysis - Five-year degree in German Philology

Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication
English and German
Lecturers in charge
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Met. Docent
After a brief presentation of the theoretical concepts these will be applied to previously given texts. By means of the texts, and the active participation of students, the theory will be put into practice and the course will be assessed.
Met. Avaluació
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Brinker, K. (1997): Linguistische Textanalyse. Eine Einführung in Grundbegriffe und Methoden. Berlin: Erich Schmidt.
Zifonun, G. et al. (1997): Grammatik der deutschen Sprache. Berlin/New York: de Gruyter.

Se facilitará una bibliografía detallada al comienzo de las clases.

The students should familiarize themselves with the concepts and methodology of the linguistic analysis of German texts to be able to apply them in an active way. Starting from the linguistic levels of analysis to end up establishing the relationship between form, content and function. It will also aim for the student to acquire approaches for the valuation and didactic exploitation of the texts in the instrumental teaching of the language. OBJECTIVES: Acquisition of the skills needed to carry out textual analysis that will be necessary later in the professional practice of the graduates.