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14474 Planning and Management of Rural and Urban Spaces - Five-year degree in Geography

Faculty of Geography and History
Lecturers in charge
Sin datos cargados
Met. Docent
Theoretical classes, debate, field work, individual essays.
Met. Avaluació
Final examination and project work
The planning of rural spaces. Delimitation; changes and conflicts in the European rural spaces; the rural planning in Spain. Conflicts on the use of land in rural spaces; the problem of the non-building land; Valencian law of the non-building land. The planning and administration of natural spaces: Protection figures and planning instruments; the Valencian law of Protected Natural Spaces. The rural medium in Territorial Plans; the planning of public services in rural spaces; the policies of rural development. The planning of urban spaces . Municipal urban planning: Spanish and Valencian urban planning legislation; the General Plan; the derived planning. Production of the urban space: The debate about the shortage of building land; role of proprietors in the Spanish legislation; the urbanizer agent of the L.R.A.U. Urban planning in Spain: Urban planning during Franco's rčgime and its consequences; the P.G.O.U in democracy; the example of the Plans of Valencia. New scenarios for the city. The strategic planning of the cities.
Knowledge of the main ways of rural and urban planning in Spain and the problems they must face. Direct handling of examples on different types of specific plans, through their reading and analysis and their recognition on the land, whenever possible.
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