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Ficha técnica de una asignatura en una titulación

14277 German Poetry - Five-year degree in German Philology

Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication
English and German
Lecturers in charge
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Met. Docent
Brief theoretical introduction, team work and oral presentation by the students.
Met. Avaluació
Project work - -
1. Textos básicos
Se proporcionarán en forma de fotocopias
2. Literatura secundaria:
Buirdorf, Dieter: Einführung in die Lyrikanalyse. Stuttgart, Metzler 1997 (2ª ed.)
Hinderer, Walter (Hg.): Geschichte der deutsche Lyrik. Stuttgart, Reclam 1983
Problematic of the lyrical concept as basic literary gender. Chronological and thematic journey of the evolution of the German lyrical poetry, looking at their main formal and content characteristics, and to their literary and social environment, with special consideration to the authors' that have impelled their evolution. Objectives: To broade knowledge acquired in the first cycle about literary genres applied to the lyric. To develop the capacity of analysis and interpretion of lyrical texts from different times and styles.