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Ficha técnica de una asignatura en una titulación

14265 Introduction to German Language - Five-year degree in German Philology

Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication
English and German
Lecturers in charge
Sin datos cargados
Met. Docent
Theoretical and practical classes in German and Spanish. The final exam will consist in exercises in listening comprehension, oral, reading comprehension and written comprehension
Met. Avaluació
Final examination - -
Lectura obligatoria: Felix & Theo (1993): Adel und edle Steine. Berlin/München/Wien/Zürich/New York: Langenscheidt.
Manual: Enzensberger, H.M. et al. (1993): Die Suche. Das andere Lehrwerk für Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Text- und Arbeitsbuch 1. Berlin: Langenscheidt.
Diccionario: G÷tz, D./Haensch, G./Wellmann, H. (eds.) (1998): Langenscheidts Gro›w÷rterbuch. Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Berlin/München: Langenscheidt.
Objectives: 1. To use the German language to communicate in authentic and diverse situations, orally and in writing, using the appropriate communicative and discursive strategies. 2. To understand the global and specific information of oral messages and writings related to situations in the classroom and outside it. 3. To read in an autonomous way with diverse purposes: to produce texts written with different purposes, planning and organizing them from a coherent and suitable way to the communication situation.