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14217 19th and 20th Century English Poetry - Five-year degree in English Philology

Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication
English and German
Lecturers in charge
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Lectures and tutorials.
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Project work - -
Armitage, Simon; Robert Crawford (Eds.) The Penguin Book of Poetry from Britain and Ireland since 1945 Londres: Viking, 1998.
Ashfield, Andrew (Ed.) Romantic Women Poets, 1770-1838: An Anthology Manchester Univ. Press, 1995.
Bloom, Harold; Lionel Trilling (Eds.) Romantic Poetry and Prose Oxford Univ. Press, 1973.
Driver, Paul (Ed.) Victorian Poetry Harmondsworth: Penguin Popular Poetry, 1996.
Foakes, R. A. (Ed.) Romantic Criticism, 1800-1850 Londres: E. Arnold, 1968.
Heaney, Seamus; Ted Hughes (Eds.) The Rattle Bag Londres: Faber, 1982

In this course we try to acieve a practical approximation to poetic writings in the English language of the XIX and XX, centuries in order to find methods of locating them and encouraging their reading and comment
0. Introduction, methods, strategies.

1. William Blake: innocence, vision, contraculture.

2. William Wordsworth: Lyrical Ballads, The Prelude. Rewriting the Memory

3. S. T. Coleridge: The Ancient Mariner; Xanadu; opium literature.

4. Lord Byron: the poet as a hero. Childe Harold∆s Pilgrimage. Don Juan and his traditions.

5. P. B. Shelley: Love and Politics.. Mary Shelley.

6. John Keats: The texture of the Ode. The negative capacity of artifice in eternity.

7. Lord Tennyson: .

8. Robert Browning: the mask and dramatic monologue technique.

9. Elizabeth Barrett Browning: the feminine look in the Victorian epoque.

10. PrerrafaelitasŻNonsenseŻDecadentism: Christina Rossetti; Lewis Carroll; Oscar Wilde.

11. G. M. Hopkins: mystic, and language.

12. W. B. Yeats: śCeltic Twilight∆ and the Irish nation.

13. Modernism: Imaginism, Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot.

14. War Poets: Wilfred Owen.

15. W. H. Auden: British vision of the Spanish Civil War. Lyric, pronouns and sexes.

16. Dylan Thomas: birth , sex, deaht. Portrait of a damned poet .

17. Philip Larkin: banality and autobiography. / śPop Culture∆: the song writer.

18. Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath: viol