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14001 Introduction to Comparative Literature - Five-year degree in English Philology

Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication
Language Theory and Communication Sciences
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Guillén, Claudio (1985): Entre lo uno y lo diverso. Introducción a la Literatura Comparada. Barcelona: Crítica.


Romero, Dolores (1998): Orientaciones en literatura comparada. Madrid: Arco.
Sullà, Enric: (1998): El canon literario. Madrid: Arcos.
Vega, M¬ José y Carbonell, Neus (1998): La literatura comparada: Principios y métodos. Madrid: Gredos.


1. - Compared literature origins.
. Institucionalization of literary knowledge.
. Compared Literature. General Literature. Universal Literature.
. Positivist pattern of Compared Literature: J. Texte and P. Van Tieghem.

2.Compared Literature crisis.
. Criticism to the positivist pattern.
. Beginnings of the ˘American hour÷
. Decentralization and Humanism: R. ETIEMBLE.
. Other patterns' oversight: Zhirmunskij and the typological analogies.

3.Compared Literature orientation.
. Main investigation lines: P. Van Tieghem, A.Owen Aldridge, F. Jost and Cl. Guillén proposals.
. Genres.
. Forms: morphology.
. Topics.

4.Compared Literature's new paradigm.
. Destitution of ˘literary invariables÷ and art ˘common features÷.
. Tjnianov, Lotman and Even-Zohar proposals.
. New methods.

5.Comparatist poetics
. Canon functions.
. Gender and comparativism.
. Post-colonial studies
. Translation: a poetic of the comparativism.