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13976 Arabic (Second Language) I - Five-year degree in Spanish Philology

Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication
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OBJECTIVES. Offer a panoramic view of the Arabic language and how it works in its socio-cultural variations and historic evolution, within the framework of the family languages to which it belongs and analysing its relationship with other languages . It includes: a) Knowledge of the history of language ; b) Reading, writing and transcription ; c) Foundations of morphosyntaxis; d) Elements of vocabulary e) Rudiments of spoken Arabic. THEORETICAL CONTENTS I. Arab Language and Semitic languages 1. introduction to the Semitic languages 1.1. the Semitic languages . General characteristics and classification 1.2. the Semitic family 2. the Arab language. Classic Arabic and Literary Arabic 2.1. the linguistic situation in the Arabic Peninsula and Classic Arabic 2.1. medieval and modern Literary Arabic. Syntactic evolution and lexical creation 2.3. influences of other languages on Arabic. The task of the Academies 3. Dialectal Arabic 3.1. the preislamic dialects 3.2. classification, characterization and extension of medieval and modern dialects 3.3. attitudes to Dialectal Arabic. 3.4. mutual influences between Literal and Dialectal II. Literal Arabic 1. writing and reading: their norms 1.2. alphabet. reading: phonemes 2. grammatical units. morphological Units and syntactic 3. the verbal syntax 3.1. derivative morphemes of verbs 3.2. reflexive morphemes of the verb 4. the nominal syntax 4.1. derivative morphemes of nouns