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13972 Latest Developments in Literary Theory - Five-year degree in Catalan Philology

Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication
Language Theory and Communication Sciences
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* Aims of the subject: This subject introduces the student to literary theory and thought of the main movements from the seventies to the present time. Some contents presuppose a basic knowledge of classic and contemporary literary theory foundations. It is recommended to have previously studied the compulsory subject ôTheory of literatureö. That does not exclude students that have not studied it but supplementary reading will be necessary. Contents Unit 1. Literary theory along XX century, Linguistics, Semiotics (Iuri Lotman) and reception (Hans-Robert Jauss and Wolfang Iser). Unit 2: Literary theory along XX century: Psychoanalysis (Lacan) and Marxism. Unit 3: Empiric literary theory (Siegfried J. Schmidt) and Poly-systems theory (Itamar Even-Zohar). Unit 4: Deconstructions: deconstruction according to Jacques Derrida and North American deconstruction (Paul of Man, J. Hillis Miller, Harold Bloom and Geoffrey H. Hartman). Unit 5: Feminist literary theory: of S. of Beavoir to J. Kristeva, Judith Butler and Hélèn Cixous. Unit 6: Schizo-analysis of G. Deleuze and F. Guattari Unit 7: New visions of literary history: an example of historiography revision: HAYDEN WHITE, MICHEL FOUCAULT AND H. -G. GADAMER; Stephen Greenblatt and New Historicism. Unit 8: ôCultural Studiesö and Post-colonial Studies: RAYMOND WILLIAMS, TERRY EAGLETON, F. JAMESON, AND G. CH. Spivak. Unit 9: Literary theory in the electronics age: GREGORY L. ULMER AND AVITAL RONELL.