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13843 Introduction to Golden Age Spanish Literature - Five-year degree in French Philology

Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication
Lecturers in charge
Sin datos cargados
Met. Docent
Oral presentation (following a script with the main topics developed and offering the proper bibliography), insistance on student participation.
Met. Avaluació
Final examination and project work
1. Manuales de Historia de la literatura española:
J. Menéndez Peláez, J. - I. Arellano, Historia de la literatura española. II. Renacimiento y Barroco, León, Everest, 1993, pp. 39-65. 155-347. 537-821.

También pueden resultar útiles, entre otros:
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OBJECTIVES: Knowledge of the main movements, literary genre, authors, works and styles of the Reinassance and Baroque. SYLLABUS 1st PART: INTRODUCTION TO THE GOLDEN AGE. 1. Concept of " Century " or "Golden age" and chronological limits of the period. 2. Remarkable aspects of the Renaissance society. 3. Remarkable aspects of the Baroque society. 4. Movements: Humanism and Erasmus thought; the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation. 5. Styles: Renaissance, Mannerism and Baroque: reasons, topics, features, resources and genre. 2ND PART: LITERARY GENRE, AUTHORS AND WORK OF THE GOLDEN AGE. 1. Poetry of the First renaissance. 2. Poetry of the Second Renaissance and/or Mannerism. 3. Prose of the Renaissance. 4. Renaissance narrative formulations and Baroque developments. 5. Cervantes and D. Quijote de la Mancha. 6. Poetry of the Baroque. 7. Main poets of the Baroque: Lope de Vega, Góngora and Quevedo. 8. The prose of the Baroque.