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13840 Anglès (Segona Llengua) I - LL.FILOL.CATAL.00

Facultat de Filologia, Traducció i Comunicació
Filologia Anglesa i Alemanya
Professor responsable
Sin datos cargados
Met. Docent
Group work; pair work; debates; discussions; individual exercises. The four usual skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) as well as vocabulary will be developed separately all along the course.
Obligatory textbook to be used in class for theoretical and practical classes.

- Jones, Leo (1995) New Progress to First Certificate. Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press.

Descripción del Curso/ Contents for the course:

General Comments:

The course will cover different sections: Grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and history, culture and civilisation.


1.- Adverbs and word order
2.- Articles and quantifiers
3.- Comparing and contrasting
4.- The future
5.- If...sentences (Conditionals) ûing and to ...
6.- Joining sentences and relative clauses
7.- Modal verbs
8.- The passive
9.- Past tenses
10.- Phrasal verbs and verb+prepositions
11.- Present tenses
11.- Questions and question tags
12.- Reported speech

Vocabulary: (vocabulary used in the following situations and topics)

1.- Learning languages. Gestures and body language. Dictionary skills.
2.- Shops and stores. Using services: banks, post offices. Clothes and fashion.
3.- Family life. Friendship. Relationships.
4.- Hobbies and pastimes. Sports and games. Leisure.
5.- The environment. Nature. Animals and wild life. The weather.
6.- Public transport. Cars and motoring. Giving directions.
7.- Homes and housing. Living conditions. Living in a city.
8.- Good health and illness. Keeping fit.
9.- Tourism and travel. Holidays and excursions.
10.- Eating and drinking. Restaurants and cafÈs. Preparing food. Explaining recipes.
11.- Education. Schools, colleges and universities.
12.- Entertainment. Films, videos and television.
13.- Books and magazines. Prescribed books.<