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13723 Arabic Elements in Romance Languages - Five-year degree in Classical Philology

Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication
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OBJECTIVES. Give the scientific and methodological foundations necessary to study etymology of lexical and onomastic arabisms in romanic languages that help the student to acquire specific linguistic techniques.

1. Arabic expressions of Roman languages . The Arabisation process: causes and differences
1.1. the medieval expansion of Islam. Consequence of the conquests
1.2. change of linguistic code between Muslims and Christian. The Mozarabic codes.
1.3. The influences of Arabic in Roman lands in the Middle Ages
1.4. the colonisation of the East and the Magreb in the XVIII and XIX centuries
2. Arabic language and Romantic languages : development of Arabic expressions
2.1. the cultural and scientific factor. Arab adaptations of the lexicon
2.2. social prestige of medieval Islamic political-administrative organization
2.3.. The register and varieties of the Arab language. The social and commercial contacts
3. The graphemic, phonological and morphosyntactic systems
3.1. the graphemic and phonological systems of the Arab language. The Andalucian Arab
3.2. the Roman and Latin transcriptions of Arabic
3.3. determination and indetermination. The article
3.4. nominal Arabic syntax: the complement of nouns and the adjectival complement
4. semantic fields and lexical groupings
4.1. technical vocabulary of Islam
4.2. scientific vocabulary
4.3. craft and trad