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Ficha técnica de una asignatura en una titulación

13619 History of Female Education - Five-year degree in Pedagogy

Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences
Comparative Education and History of Education
Lecturers in charge
Sin datos cargados
Met. Docent
Theoretical classes. Individual reading and study, group debates on historical and documental sources. Initiation to historical-educational investigation related to the Program. Monographic seminars.
Met. Avaluació
Final examination and project work
DUBY, G. y PERROT, M. (Dir.) (1991), Historia de las Mujeres, Ed. Taurus, Madrid, 5 vols.
FLECHA, C. (1998), Textos y Documentos sobre educación de las mujeres, Ed. Kronos, Sevilla.
GARRIDO, E. (Ed.) (1997), Historia de las Mujeres en España, Ed. Síntesis, Madrid
PALACIO LIS, I. (1992), Mujer, trabajo y educación (Valencia 1874-1931),Ed. Universitat de València
VARIOS AUTORES (1990), Mujer y educación en España, 1868-1975, Ed. Universidad de Santiago.
OBJECTIVES AND CONTENT: - To study the presence of women in history, considering that their access to the word of education, to reading and writing, to knowledge, is in fact history of education in itself. To link aspects of female education to each social, political and economic moment through out history. The European woman from classical ages to Age of Enlightment. Women's role in society and classical culture. The medieval women as receptors and creators knowledge. Humanism and women's education. Image and women's education in the Age of Enlightmet. Women's education in contemporary Spain