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Ficha técnica de una asignatura en una titulación

12133 Introduction to Economic Policy - Five-year degree in Economy

Faculty of Economics
Applied Economics
Lecturers in charge
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Met. Docent
The methodology combines lectures (theoretical) with practices (based in experimetal simulations). Both methodologies allows for an optimal understanding of the economic models.
Met. Avaluació
A written exam will be ruled at the end of the term, with eligible short questions. Extra grade points are available for participating in the computerized tutorials.
Unfortunately there are no single textbook with a full coverage of theis subjects. In most cases the two following handbooks will be used:
1-Drazen, Allen (2000): Political Economy in Macroeconomics, Princeton University Press.
2-Persson, Torsten and Guido Tabellini (2000): Political Economics. Explaining Economic Policy, MIT Press.
Both of them are available at the Gregoria Mayans Library (Campus Tarongers)
The course is designed to discuss the way economic policy is performed using contemporary theories of political economy. The course is structured around two main issues: the economic analysis of political institutions (topics 1 through 3) and their effect on the short run (topic 4) and long run macroeconomic performance (topic 5).
The goal of this subject is to introduce students to the study of the links between macroeconomic performance and political institutions. To do so, basic theoretical models and tools (e.g. equilibrium models and game theory) are presented to familiarize students with such techniques.
Skills on strategic reasoning and behavioral foundations of political microeconomics are evaluated in deep.
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