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Ficha técnica de una asignatura en una titulación

12101 Economy of the European Union - Five-year degree in Law

Faculty of Law
Applied Economics
Lecturers in charge
Sin datos cargados
Met. Docent
Attendance to the theoretical classes and active participation in the practical lessons. Course Leader: Josep Maria Jordan Gandulf
Met. Avaluació
Final examination - -
Jordan Galduf, Josep Mª (Course Leader): Economía de la Unión Europea, 4ª edición, Madrid, 2002.
With the content of the following program the students acquire a knowledge and comprehension of a series of aspects related to the organization and function of the European Union. These aspects form a part of the environment in which the companies and the organizations are located. List of contents: 1. General introduction. 2. Modalities of economic integration and its effects. 3. The Monetary European Union. 4. The exterior dimension of the European Union. 5. The public finance of the European Union. 6. Agrarian Common politics. 7. The interventions in the industry. 8. The regional and cohesion politics. 9. The market of work and the employment policy. For further information please check: www.uv.es/economia