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Ficha técnica de una asignatura en una titulación

12100 Agricultural Economics - Five-year degree in Economy

Faculty of Economics
Economic Structure
Lecturers in charge
Met. Docent
Theory class attendance and practical class work. Group practical work is obligatory. Coordinator: Ernest Reig Martínez
Met. Avaluació
Final examination and project work
Caldentey, P. Gómez, A.C. (1993) Economía de los mercados agrarios. Mundi-Prensa Libros.
Capalbo, S.M., Antle, J.M. (1998) Agricultural Productivity. Measurement and Explanation. Resources for the future.
Alexandratos, N. (1995) World Agriculture: Towards 2010. An FAO Study. FAO and Wiley & Sons.
In this subject it is aimed to deepen the knowledge of the agricultural sector of the economy and all their relevant aspects: agricultural products, technical progresses in agriculture, the role of agriculture in economic development, agriculture in international trade and agricultural politics. Lastly we will focus ourselves on some specific cases of agricultural politics: Common Agricultural Politics and Spanish agriculture.

1. introduction to the market of agricultural products.
2. analysis of technical progress in agriculture.
3. agriculture and economic development.
4. international trade of agricultural products (I)
5. international trade of agricultural products (II)
6. agricultural politics in developed countries: objectives and instruments.
7. evaluation of agricultural politicians.
8. the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union (I).
9. Common Agricultural Politics (II)
10. Common Agricultural Politics's future
11. Spanish agriculture: basic aspects.